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Water Analysis   

KUDAM Laboratory conducts analysis of different types of waters:

Analysis of Drinking Water: In order to guarantee its quality and safety, KUDAM conducts analysis of drinking water according to RD 902/2018 standard

Irrigation water analysis: KUDAM analyzes irrigation water to determine its quality and suitability, considering that it has direct influence on the crop production. In order to offer complete results about the quality of the irrigation water and to advice our customers on their crops’ needs, KUDAM staff conducts an extensive control of physical-chemical and microbiological parameters:

  • Control or physical-chemical parameters: pH value, electrical conductivity (EC), macro and micro nutrients, etc.
  • Control of microbiological parameters: total coliforms, E. coli, Salmonella spp, etc.

Surface and superficial groundwater:There is an increasing number of controls conducted in superficial groundwater (rivers, lakes…) and surface groundwater (aquifers). KUDAM has a team of proffesionals that regularly revise current water regulations in order to offer our customers a complete analytical and advising service adapted to their needs.

Wastewater:KUDAM Laboratory conducts analysis of wastewater (washing waters, sewage system plant waters, regenerated waters. Amongthe main parameters, the most demanded are: DQO, DBO, Oils and fats, suspended solids, metals, total nitrogen, phosphates, etc.



KUDAM Laboratory provides an advising service regarding analysis’ results.

Contact us and we will clarify any questions related to our water analysis services.

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