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Among the services most in demand in the Area of Chemistry, we have: 

Agricultural Industry

  • We are experts in the analysis of heavy metals in several matrixes such as fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes, juices, wines and oils.
  • Analysis of micro and macronutrientes in foliar products; this tool provides information about the state of plants in order to diagnose the lack or excess of nutrients.
  • Fertilizers: analysis of main nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus(P) and potassium (K), and secondary nutrients and micronutrients.  

 Environmental Industry:

  • Analysis of drinking water contienental waters and waste water. Analysis of its composition: pH, EC, macro and microelements as well as heavy metals.
  • Soils: fertility and salinity studies and complete agronomic report since soil analysis is a key tool to assess sol fertility and productive capacity and to define the nutrients’ dose to be applied.

 Food Industry:

  •  Nutritional composition: nutritional labelling according to RD 1169/2011 standard.

We analyze required elements such as:analysis of energy value, fat analysis, saturated fats, analysis of carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salt.

KUDAM Laboratory also offers the possibility to complement your analysis with other nutrients such monoinsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyalcohols, starch, dietary fibre, vitamins or minerals.

  •  Other highly demanded services are the analysis of nutritional aminogram, cholesterol and organic acids .

Technical equipment:

  • Combustion Carbon/Nitrogen Analyzer (DUMAS)
  • Two ICP-MS (7700 Agilent)
  • Autohydroliser of fats (Foss Hydrotec 8000)

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