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Nutritional Composition

En KUDAM Laboratory analyzes required elements in the nutritional composition of each product (nutrition labelling according to RD 1169/2011 standard) targeted at human consumption (including infant feeding): energy value, fat analysis, saturated fats carbohydrates , sugars, dietary fibre, proteins and salts.

KUDAM Laboratory also offers the possibility to complement your analysis vinculadas a la composición nutricional with other nutrients with other nutrients such as monoinsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyalcohols, starch, vitamins or minerals, etc. This option provides high-added value to learn more about the features of the product.

Other highly demanded services are the analysis of nutritional aminogram, cholesterol and organic acids.


KUDAM Labo provides an advising service regarding analysis’ results.

Contact us and we will clarify any questions related to our food analysis services.


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