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Laboratorio Kudam expands ENAC scope in food, fertilisers and soils

Laboratorio Kudam makes a significant expansion in its scope of accreditation for physicochemical testing and pesticide residue analysis in wines and soils, focusing on quality and continuous improvement of all its analytical services: Pesticides, Nutritional, Allergens and PCR.

For this reason, the following tests have recently been accredited (Exp. No. 324/LE670):


  • Detection of Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII and Hepatitis A in soft fruits, vegetables (stems, leaves and bulbs), bottled water, bivalve molluscs and fruit and vegetable surfaces by PCR.
  • Coli counts by MPN in organic fertilisers and soils.
  • Presumptive Bacillus cereus count in food.


  • Dietary fibre by enzymatic gravimetric method in food.
  • Starch by ion chromatography with amperometric detector in foodstuffs.
  • Carbohydrates by calculation in meat and meat products, fish and fish products, cereals and cereal products, fruits, vegetables and vegetable products, ready meals.
  • Energy value by calculation in meat and meat products, fish and fish products, cereals and cereal products, fruit, vegetables and fruit products, ready meals.


  • Pesticide residues in Soils by GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS
  • Pesticide Residues in Wines by GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS
  • Residues of Ethephon, Fosetyl Al (sum of Fosetyl, phosphonic acid and its salts), chlorate and perchlorate in wines by LC-MS/MS

With the accreditation of dietary fibre and starch, Laboratorio Kudam manages to complete the accreditation of the nutritional composition tests required according to section a) of Regulation 1169/2011 and thus be able to offer its customers, for certain types of food, accredited mandatory labelling information.

Also, the accreditation of different microbiological parameters and the extension of pesticide residues in soils supports the already accredited tests and is an important step forward that will allow Laboratorio Kudam to continue supporting companies in the agricultural and wine sector and the agri-food industry in general, providing consumers with greater confidence in the safety of their products and guaranteeing their food safety.

Furthermore, with this new batch of accredited tests, Laboratorio Kudam once again demonstrates its high technical competence, providing reliable, accurate results within unbeatable deadlines. Consult the complete scope of Laboratorio Kudam here.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at Laboratorio KUDAM for further information and consulting.


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